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Favorite places - Samuel - 11-23-2018

The Great Smoky Mountains 
Yosemite National Park
Lincoln Memorial
Magic Kingdom
Golden Gate Bridge
Walt Disney World
Yellowstone National Park
Central Park
Statue of Liberty
All of these are my favorite places which I love to visit again and again for enjoying the traveling. What are your views regarding these traveling places?

RE: Favorite places - Branch - 11-23-2018

I am gonna say that this list of places is really good. I like this so much a love to have a great sort of time always in natural places. I have explored some of them and would say have a great interest in traveling. This is always my first priority.

RE: Favorite places - Samuel - 12-04-2018

Branch! Good to know that you like the place names which are my favorite and you have also explored these attractions because these are also your favorite which is really nice. I am keen to know your personal experience regarding the Golden Gate Bridge. Would you like to share here?

RE: Favorite places - Branch - 12-15-2018

Golden Gate Bridge is mine all time favorite spot where love to spend time at evening. I really like to enjoy walking there at night and feel tension free. I must say that fishing is also a great opportunity for me. What's about you?

RE: Favorite places - Samuel - 12-18-2018

At Golden Gate Bridge, I also love to enjoy walking and bike riding at night time. Because at night time, you can enjoy the charming view and sightseeing of this bridge. In your post, you said that you like to enjoy fishing also I have never been enjoyed this activity there. would you like to tell me at the Golden Gate Bridge which place is best for enjoying fishing?

RE: Favorite places - Branch - 01-25-2019

Too much happy after knowing about this Golden Gate Bridge views. I must say that enjoying fishing there would be wow for you and can go there without any hesitation.