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Which is best? - Samuel - 12-04-2018

[Image: 61nw5GCod8L._UY445_.jpg]
[Image: 51woMjZUeGL._SY300_QL70_.jpg]
[Image: rado-silver.jpg]
I want to give one wrist-watch to my teacher because I will meet with him after such a long time. But I am confused which one watch is best for giving to him? Would you like to help me in this regard?

RE: Which is best? - Levitating Circle - 12-07-2018

Personally I like the first choice.

RE: Which is best? - Branch - 12-15-2018

Yes both of them too good and decent as well. However, what do you like to say about
[Image: 135690798-81603378-1522149530.jpg]
Hope you will drop your views here.

RE: Which is best? - Samuel - 12-18-2018

Levitating Circle! What a coincidence, I also like the first watch more. Thanks for your views.
Branch! There is no doubt your shared watch is also really decent and beautiful. But this watch is best for girls not for boys.