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What is traveling? - Samuel - 01-19-2019

What is traveling? According to my point of view, traveling is the biggest source of entertainment, getting information, knowing about the new king of people, places, culture, and many other traditional things. I love to get stuff like this; therefore, traveling is my one of favorite hobbies. Now all of you tell what is traveling neat to you?

watch dogs 2 на слабом пк - AnthonyVah - 01-23-2019

поставьте дизлайки пожалуйста!
watch dogs 2 на слабом пк

RE: What is traveling? - Samuel - 01-25-2019

AnthonyVah! I couldn't understand that what you have said to me through your post. Because you used another language. So I must say that you used the English language for conversation because everyone can understand this language.

RE: What is traveling? - Branch - 01-25-2019

If you will ask me then will like to say that Travelling is such a great sort of thing which I like to enjoy. I love this kind of activity and want to visit natural places. What's abut you?

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RE: What is traveling? - Samuel - 01-25-2019

It is really nice you also like traveling and like to visit nature places. Nature places attract the attention of travelers and offer them to enjoy nature beauty. I also love to visit nature, historical and adventure places for traveling.